FJ40 Restoration

The FJ40 “Tiara” Restoration

fj40lovers have commenced an fj40 restoration on ‘Tiara’, the FJ rustbucket.

If you want to start a restoration project on an FJ like this , please keep this in mind:

  1. It will cost heaps
  2. It takes a long time to do things properly
  3. You do need to do everything properly and that takes a long time
  4. Keep and eye on ebay for cheap parts
  5. A good woman or man would have a BJ42 or a FJ40 already but if she/he doesn’t – well buy them one.

That being said, check out the restoration and check out the cruiser paraphernalia. (yup..its coming…)

The project vehicle is a FJ40 LX 1983. One of the last to come off the assembly. I really did buy her in the dark on a Friday because I knew that if i waited till the Saturday she would have been gone. LX are rare and popular because the have the following

  • Brown Interior
  • Three wiper blades
  • Power Steering

We have really included this photo to give you an idea how long it takes to get one of these trucks up and running. Jessebelle the cocker spaniel is around 2 months old. At the end of the restoration I will include another to put time into perspective.

The above (right) photo’s are included so you know how the rust got there. I really do believe these vehicle do not belong in a museum and should be used and abused the rebuilt again and again and again.

Transporting kayaks, surf boards, and living in Manly has taken it toll. Check out some of this rust in the pictures. The rust got so bad that when I went to put a few stickers over the rust to hide from the RTA inspectors the metal gave way and my hand found itself within the vehicle. Its about this time that I let the rego lapse.

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